Hey church,

I know we all love and miss one another. I hope we can embrace this season even in uncertainty. God is an amazing father and friend to each of us. His glory is unmatched. Psalms 24 addresses so much of what I believe our world is struggling with. This time is trying, and it is a time for us to remember the God of all existence is carrying us. As you choose which playlists to listen to, I wanted our playlists to follow the order of prayer. First, God’s glory and beauty admired. Second, God’s goodness in his willingness to love and forgive us for our sin. Third, God’s strength and provision even when we cannot understand. Lastly, the hope He gives us when we ask. I pray that these songs encourage each of you in your worship, and that maybe these songs help externalize the internal prayer we are each praying. 

With love,