It is an honor to pray, not just with one another, but FOR one another.   If there is something you need prayer for or even something to praise God for, please let us know! We can make it part of our Wednesday night prayer service, or keep it in a smaller group of people on our prayer team...and if this is something that you'd like to remain confidential and just among the Pastors, please make sure you mark that down too.   

SUnday Prayer

We'd love to invite you to join our leadership team on Sunday mornings as we pray for the service that is about to go out and for the folks in our church.  



Here' the link to join our Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 951 699 7570

        +1 669 900 6833


Wednesday Night Prayer has been such a sweet time of gathering and praying together.  Since we are not able to physically gather during this time, each week we'll give you a prayer guide to follow along with so we can be praying focused prayers as a church from our homes.  We will update the prayer guide Thursday with the scripture that we will use in Prayer the following Wednesday.  This will give each of us a week of reading and praying on this scripture independently or with others before we come together to pray corporately.

If you have kids, make sure to involve them!  Have them help read the scriptures (if they are able), have them draw a picture of what the passage makes them think of, and make sure to invite them to pray!  

If you are able to join us, we are hosting a zoom prayer meeting from 6:00-6:40 on Wednesday nights

Here' the link to join our Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 951 699 7570

        +1 669 900 6833

May the Holy Spirit guide and direct our time in prayer together.  


Read and Pray a Psalm or other Scripture

Take some time to read this out-loud. 


Go through and notice all the different reasons we can praise God in this Psalm.  Take some time to just worship Him by calling out His characteristics. Thank Him for how He's demonstrated Himself to you in your life.  Remember, this isn't a time to offer up requests, this is just worshipping Him for who He is!


What does your life look like in light of who He is?  Where do you need Him to bring deliverance?  Confess where sadness and brokenness have taken over.  Acknowledge your heart and be honest about where you are with everything going on.  Spend some time telling Him where you trust Him with your life. Submit yourself to His will during this crazy time!


Pray for those who are sick.  Pray for those who are scared.  Pray for those who are putting themselves in harm's way to bring healing.  Pray for those who don't know Jesus that they might discover His love and peace. Pray for our government that they might have wisdom and guidance that comes from above. Pray for our community.  Pray for our church. 


Take some time to recognize that this sickness and tragedy does not have the final say.  This world is a broken place, full of broken people...ask that the Lord bring more than physical healing, that He would bring spiritual healing so that when He returns, more would know who He is and experience His love.  Pray that we, the Church, would herald this message of hope well and demonstrate a "peace beyond understanding" in a world of chaos and confusion. Ask the Lord to give us strength for the day of trouble and compassion in the day of need. May we carry the fire well.  

Also be praying for our online service this weekend!!  

You are invited to enter into the stillness of worship in the midst of crazy times. 


The 4/4 Prayer

It's interesting, after all the disciples witnessed Jesus do, the one thing they asked for instruction on was how to pray.  It wasn't teach us to heal, teach us to cast out demons, teach us to feed the was "Teach us to pray."  and if you look at Jesus' prayer in Matthew 6, you see a very clear pattern.  It has the movement of an orchestra conductor:

Upward ("Our father in heaven, hallowed be your name...")

Downward ("Your kingdom come, Your will be done..)

Inward ("give us this day our daily bread...")

Outward ("Lead us not into temptation but deliver us...")

UPWARD: REverance

Our prayers need to begin with the character of God as we take time to focus our entire being on the wonders of who God is. Ultimately, prayer is my response to the character of God, which leads to praise and thanksgiving

So we focus the beginning of our prayers on:

  • Praising God for His attributes/character

  • Offering thanks for what He has done

Not asking for anything, just worshipping


Next we move into a time of response to God’s character in prayer as we consider His will, from His Word and for the sake of His purposes on earth. This also involves surrendering to the control of the Holy Spirit as I respond to His invitations to a fruitful and obedient life. Introspection and surrender mark this time of response. It is a season of pledged obedience to the will and Word of God.

This is where we focus our prayers on:

    • Worshipful response to who God is
    • Acknowledge and surrender to God’s will
    • Listening, allowing God’s Spirit to speak; then obeying


Now that we have rightly worshipped our God and Savior — and we have wholly surrendered to His will for our lives — we can now boldly bring our requests before Him, knowing that we are asking “in His name” and for His glory. Of course, Jesus had just said our Father knows our needs before we ask (Matthew 6:8). This is not a time of informing God of our needs as much as it is a conscious trust in God as the perfect definer and provider of our needs. It involves prayer about personal requests and the concerns of others.

This is where we focus our prayers on:

  • Offering requests in accordance with God’s will
  • Passionate petitions of personal needs


This is where we recognize that the enemy is working to try and dismantle and divide.  And so we petition the One who is able to protect us as we move forward in faith.

We can focus our prayers on:

  • Putting on the “Full Armor of God”
  • Claiming God’s Promises for the battle
  • Knowing He will answer
  • Focusing on His glory above all else