The Word of God is the fulcrum upon which the lever of prayer is placed, and by which things are mightily moved. 


Men's MInistry

That's a term that drives many men full-speed in the opposite direction! Why? Here are a few possible reasons: A man's pride tells him to journey alone. A man's heart tells him to remain quiet. A man's mind tells him nobody will understand. A man's emotions tell him to keep it under control. Let us assure you, great gain comes when you show up and commit to something difficult, bigger than you and God-centered.  

Men's Breakfast: 

August 3

Where: The Anchor

In The Gathering Place


Men’s Breakfast here at the Anchor! This is a time of good food, great fellowship and awesome prayer. Don’t miss it!

If you have any questions about our Men's Ministry or upcoming events, please contact Aaron Acomb.